Does DeliveryDash-tt deliver perishable items ?

At this time, we cannot facilitate the delivery of items that require refrigeration.

Will DeliveryDash-tt collect an item from a client on your behalf ?

Yes DeliveryDash-tt offers collection from any location we service and will deliver to you.


Can i import seeds from the U.S ?

We’re aware that certain restrictions for importing seeds have been lifted recently in Trinidad and Tobago. Some customers have previously acquired licenses for such. It’s best however that you Contact Us before proceeding to purchase seeds. There’s no duty and vat on cabbage seeds for example or any other vegetable seeds.

Is there any cost associated with registering an account with DeliveryDash-tt ?

There are no registration costs or account maintenance costs with DeliveryDash-tt.


What is the best way to integrate customers order into my account dashboard ?

We currently offer Web-store integrations into our customers’ websites. For Retail businesses, we strongly recommend the use of our ready to integrate option for WooCommerce based webstores.


Can DeliveryDash-tt facilitate International Online Shopping ?

We can facilitate international online shopping and inclusive of door to door package services. Please contact us with the details and our team will advise you accordingly.


Does DeliveryDash-tt check/open my packages ?

DeliveryDash-tt does carry out random inspections of packages to ensure compliance.


What if my package is bigger than the size limit but lighter than the weight limit ?

Our weight and size limits help us determine which vehicle is best suited for your delivery. Please refer to our Policies page under the section “size and weight limits” for an idea of any additional costs that may be incurred.

What happen if the package was not delivered ?

We will inform the sender that the package was not delivered and the reason why.


The Sender can then choose to:

  • Have us re-attempt the delivery again or
  • Have the delivery cancelled.
How do i signup for your service ?

Kindly click Here to register for our services.

What's the cost if my package is bigger and heavier ?

Its does not matter if the package is Bigger or heavier.

— If the package weight is between 1-10 lbs of the Personal/Corporate fee you signed up for, then the delivery charge remain the same.

— Any additional Pound (lb) over 10 lbs will be charged $1.50 TT + Delivery fee.

Tracking / Shipping / Delivery

How long would it take for my package arrive or to be delivered at my location, does the answer apply to Tobago and International deliveries as well ?

We offer delivery service in most areas between 3-5 Business days to Same Day delivery. Most Onforward areas and Tobago we ask for a maximum of 4 business days. Delivery times for international deliveries would vary by country.


Does DeliveryDash notifies my customers of an incoming package and how ?

Customers can be notified via email or text message of an incoming package. To utilize this service, your client’s email, mobile phone number (including country code) and all receiver address fields must be included in the order. Please review full details on this in the T&Cs.


Is there a fee for "Failed Deliveries" ?

No, DeliveryDash-tt does not charge 50% for failed deliveries, but a reattempt by DeliveryDash to return the package to the sender.


Is there a Tracking # for your deliveries ?

Each order you process has a unique tracking number and tracking link generated which you can share with your customers for complete tracking.


Do you provide Live Tracking of packages ?

We do offer live tracking for both collection and delivery. Email addresses need to be included to benefit from this service.



How do i signup for your service ?
Is there a subscription fee ?

There are no subscription fees of any kind.


How can i calculate the shipping cost ?

Once you enter the dashboard, a calculator is available for you to calculate the shipment costs.


Can i pay my bill online ?

Yes, DeliveryDash offers multiple online payment options which can be paid via debit or credit card, simply indicate to our accounts or support team your desire to make an online payment and we will include a payment link for your invoice.


Will DeliveryDash-tt perform "Cash On Deliveries" or Pickups ?

At this time we do not facilitate any “Cash On Delivery or “Payment On Delivery” option. Our Dashers can only receive package collection. Due to safety reasons we are very sensitive in our Dashers safety and wellbeing. All Payments would be done online and be recorded, a payment receipt for all package shipments, pickups and online purchase request will be sent via email.


What are your types of payments available ?

Cash, Linx, Debit Card, Credit Card, Cheques, Online Payments.


Are there any areas/locations DeliveryDash-tt does not deliver too ?

Yes, there are a few areas we do not deliver to. This is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our Dashers and any package that will be on-board their vehicles.


How are my Funds paid to me ?

We remit once per week for the previous delivery cycle directly to your bank account. This applies only to all Drivers who are Dashers.