Driver Guidelines

When you operate deliverydash remember you (providers and customers) are our concern and your safety too is always at our top checklist.

So when you operate the app to receive or deliver services remember your privacy is coded deeply into our genes. Therefore, the information you find here is easy to understand, the app is easy to use and your safety is always ensured.

However in case you breach the following we are liable to block you from deliverydash altogether. First, if you are accused of any criminal activity, in case your documents don’t get approved, whatever be the reason. In case you cause damage, you are liable to penalty.

You can follow these tips to keep your safety intact, get the service from those who have a good rating, make sure you inform us in a situation where you feel endangered and so on and so forth. Remember, your safety is not only important for you and your loved ones but also a very big deal for us so inform us in case of any inappropriate activity you face and we will take care of it thereafter.

DeliveryDash has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the Services provided on this website.

The following guidelines were created to ensure a smooth transaction between Partners and Riders.

DeliveryDash takes complaints from riders very seriously and can result in  a warning or being permanently banned from the platform depending on the severity of the complaint.

What a Driver need to do?


  • Ensure you obey the law of Trinidad & Tobago whilst “online” on our platform
  • Ask the rider if they prefer to listen to music, what station or genre or if they prefer silence
  • Ensure you vehicle is kept clean
  • Dress suitably
  • Help the rider load bags, suitcases where applicable
  • Ask the rider their preferred route
  • Feel out the rider to see if they are okay with having a conversation or prefer silence
  • Always contact the passenger within the app for updated directions if you are unsure. Some riders prefer messages over phone calls. Pull aside to safely use your phone while driving
  • Respect each other
  • Report items left back by rider in your vehicle
  • Ask the rider if the air condition is at a suitable temperature

Do Not

  • Arrive at a rider pick up location with other riders or friends in your vehicle
  • Drive over the speed limit to endanger yourself and your rider
  • Argue with rider about the fare displayed in the app. Collect what is displayed and contact us after
  • Text and drive
  • Drink and drive
  • Smoke/Vape and drive
  • Use inappropriate language
  • Damage rider property
  • Start the trip if the rider is not in the car
  • Contact the rider after the trip has ended for personal gain
  • Sexually harass the rider
  • Racially discriminate against riders


Accidents Happen

In the event of a collision please follow all standard rules of reporting an accident at the nearest police at your earliest convenience, your passengers are your paramount concern.

Please report immediately to DeliveryDash the details of said accident with accurate date and times of any injuries sustained.

When reporting to your insurance please give an accurate account of accident as you did at the police station.

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